An Ode To Summertime...

An Ode To Summertime...

September 25, 2017

So we are well into September and its about that time where the leaves are starting to turn yellow and Fall is fast approaching. Though the weather is not very indicative of Fall yet (its still like 80 degrees here in Washington DC!), we are definitely getting in the Autumn frame-of-mind as it is getting darker out earlier and Starbucks is rolling out their new seasonal drinks (not the biggest PSL though...).

With the change in season, we've been doing some time reflecting on the past Summer and thinking about how certain habits are specifically seasonal and can only be done in our favorite season. Though we have made some big changes, like our first collection launch in May and our A/W collection coming out very soon (more to come in the coming weeks!), there are some things that remain constant.

Here are Tarbish's top five things to do in the Summertime...

1. Vineyards (aka acceptable places to drink in nature)

The Virginia/Maryland area is quickly coming up as the "Napa Valley of the East Coast” and the proof is in the numerous, beautiful vineyards in this region. One of our favorite things to do on a weekend afternoon is pack up a picnic basket, head to a vineyard with some friends, and share a bottle of wine from one of the area’s many vineyards. We love that it combines hanging out with friends, being outdoors, and just eating some great food and sipping on some wonderful wine. Vineyards are also great to go to in the Autumn as the trees change colors and you can dress in your favorite cozy sweater! (Insider Tip: Our two fave vineyards in the area are Stone Tower Winery and Black Ankle Vineyards)

2. Brunchin’ & Munchin' with Friends and Family

We are suckers for breakfast food, but sometimes aren’t exactly up early enough to catch the worm (or something like that..). Cue, brunch! When its acceptable to eat breakfast food at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, that is very okay with us! DC is filled with so many amazing brunch places that its hard for us to really pick which is our #1, but ones with unlimited drinks/food specials (2 words - boozy. brunch.) are our go-to (such as Cava Mezze, La Tasca, and Red Rocks). 

3. Our Summer Driving Vibe

Is there anything better than just driving around on an open road with the windows rolled down, blasting your favorite music? Okay we know that whole sentence just sounded like the biggest cliche, its more like sitting in traffic with the AC on and getting honked at and fighting your way to get home, but still, you kind of get what we are saying, right? There is something about the warm Summer air and driving somewhere that makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs and feel completely carefree. Our choice of Summer album for 2017? Haim’s album “Something to Tell You”.

4. Take Advantage of the Weather - Try Working Elsewhere!

Another simple joy for us is Summer work hours and also having the flexibility to work out-of-office. When the weather is warmer, we feel so much more inclined to get out and about as much as possible (especially because Winter seems to drag on forever!). We love being able to hit up our local coffee shop, or even Starbucks, and work. We have definitely found that this actually can make us more productive with a change of scenery and, if you’re able to, its great to get re-invigorated in a new space. Everyone can definitely get in that Summer slump and working somewhere new can totally help. Also, bonus points if you order some kind of summery iced drink to keep you company as well! 

5. Fruit Picking

Our final favorite Summertime activity takes us back to when we were younger and where we usually went on school field trips - fruit picking! Of course its way easier to go to Whole Foods and just grab a box of berries, but why not for once pick them yourself?! Summer is a great time to hit up your local farm, or farmers market if you don’t have a picking farm near you, and grab whatever is in season (usually peaches and berries). This also gets us super hyped for Autumn and all the pumpkin and apple picking that is to come! There is something super satisfying about picking your own food and we’d love to do it as often as possible, but we’ll keep it to a once-a-season kind of thing (because lets be real, its a lot of work).

Summer 2017 we’ll miss you oh so much! You’ve been way too good to us, but now its onto cooler months and our journey to find the perfect Halloween costume! 

What were some of your highlights of Summer 2017 and what should we try out for next Summer?! Leave us a comment below and let us know!


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