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Tarbish is founded on a street cool, comfortable luxury philosophy that we define as accessible luxury. We are inspired by the casual, loose silhouettes of street wear, combined with rich embroidered/sequined fabrics that are of the highest quality. Every Tarbish luxury piece is fully embroidered, creating the perfect look that can easily transition from day to night and vice versa. All garments can easily be thrown on for a put together look that is casual or perfect for a night out.

All Tarbish pieces are designed in easy silhouettes that fit a variety of bodies and shapes, with vibrant elegant fabrics. These combinations of design and fabric create a look that can be worn anywhere from a festival, to a cocktail party, to brunch, and anywhere in between.

Our approach to design is away from the world of "fast fashion" and instead focuses on taking the time to curate small batches of distinct, exclusive garments that are investment pieces. All Tarbish pieces are made in limited quantities, only up to 50 of each style are made. We do not design by the seasons or trends, but instead release batches every few months in order to take time to thoroughly design, develop, and perfect each of our collections. Follow us on instagram or sign up to our email list below to stay updated with when we release new collections.

All garments are fairly made in India. We believe in creating all of our collections in small limited quantities to preserve the quality and workmanship of each piece. Tarbish greatly believes in and stands by the fair treatment and appreciation of those who contribute to the creation of our pieces.

Tarbish was founded by designer Tarini Bishnoi in 2016. During college, Bishnoi tried her hand studying subjects such as business and computer science, before deciding on a more creative track. This led Bishnoi to pursue a lifelong passion of hers at Parsons School of Design where she graduated with a degree in fashion design. While living in New York City, Bishnoi was inspired by the street style fashion that she was constantly surrounded by and wanted to bridge this with her love for music festivals, but in an elevated manner.

During yearly trips to India to visit family, Bishnoi was drawn to the vibrancy and fabrics of her homeland, sparking the inspiration for her brand, Tarbish. Tarbish combines Bishnoi's love for those rich, colorful textiles with her own street style of cool, easy pieces that can be thrown on for any event, day or night. Bishnoi also personally works with the factories who create every exclusive Tarbish piece to make sure that only the highest quality and fairest practices are in place when making every Tarbish garment.