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October 09, 2017

What Tarbish Is Currently Diggin': Podcasts!

Every so often, we at Tarbish find ourselves all talking about the same things that we have been loving and cannot keep ourselves away from. We all know that as Tarbish squad members, you probably feel pretty similarly to us in that when you find something you love you want to share it with everyone! Thus, here on The Tarbish Take, in our segment “What Tarbish is Currently Diggin’”, we will do just that, focus on something that we are totally obsessing over! Hopefully we can help you discover your new fave or leave a comment below and help us find something we should check out! 

Podcasts have been around forever, but we have rediscovered our love for them this month! Not sure if its the change of seasons or just feeling that weird slump at the moment, but gaining some key advice and productively distracting ourselves through podcasts has been our way of helping us keep our sanity and just feel good about life. Personally, I used to think that I was a visual learner, that unless I was reading the words right in front of me, it wouldn’t sink in. There is something about hearing a strangers voice dole out some sage advice or retelling a hilarious story that we really connect with. Podcasts are our new alternative to listening to background music and we have found makes us overall feel more productive and inspired.

Here are some of our picks for podcasts, mainly inspired by our entrepreneurial, female team. (Side note: we listen to all these on the Overcast app)

The Life Coach School Podcast with Brooke Castillo
Brooke Castillo feels like our virtual mentor when we need that extra push or motivation to get sh*t done! She breaks down so many high and low aspects of life  and explains them in an easy, relatable way. As an emerging brand and business, we get super inspired by Brooke and this podcast makes us feel like we can conquer anything that we put our minds to. We really find something we love in every episode, but especially love #180: Lessons from My Business.

At Home With...
Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton are two of our favorite lifestyle bloggers (and definitely check out their YouTube channels for even more inspiration!) and so when they announced their podcast earlier this year we were soooo excited about it! Each week they go through the homes of different female creatives (from huge editors to skincare founders) and talk about their lives. We love their down-to-earth, hilarious personalities and how calm, cool, and collected they stay while talking to some of the biggest names in the creative world. 

Crash On My Couch
Like its name, this podcast literally makes us feel like we’re hanging out with two friends at home. Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire are a couple that cover everything from relationships to conspiracy theories to treasure hunting with side tangents that keep us laughing and nodding our heads along with them. They are both so relatable, humble, and hilarious that this podcast flies by every time we listen to it. We love this podcast just for its easy listening that spans so many different topics that you would cover with your closest friends. 

Girlboss Radio
Sophia Amoruso is someone we have had the biggest girl crush on since her early years forming Nasty Gal, one of the biggest e-commerce start-ups of all time. Since stepping away from Nasty Gal, Amoruso has expanded into her new empire, Girlboss Media, which includes the Girlboss podcast. Every week Amoruso interviews a Girlboss and talks about how they got their start, where they are now, and everything in-between. We love that Amoruso asks all the pressing questions that we all wonder, but are too afraid to ask, in an honest and open conversation that shows us that even our idols had their start somewhere.

How I Built This with Guy Raz
In this super popular podcast, Guy Raz interviews everyone and anyone from some of the biggest, most well-known companies in the world. Its such an inspiring and humbling podcast for really anyone, but especially those of us with an entrepreneurial spirit. Raz has an open conversation with these founders from the beginning of their journey, how they built their empire, their struggles, and their successes. We love learning from other peoples journeys and stories and seeing how some of our favorite brands were built.
(Pro tip: We especially love Sara Blakely's episode)

Affirmation Pod with Josie Ong
We love this podcast for waking up in the morning and starting our day off on a positive note. Ong covers all different types of situations, topics, and affirmations to help you understand, acknowledge, and get through anything. We also find this podcast helpful if we’re struggling through the day or as a way to reflect at the end of the day. Basically, whatever time of day or however you’re feeling, good or bad, Ong is our go-to girl. 

Have you listened to any of these podcasts? What are your favorite podcasts and ones that we should check out next? Let us know in the comments below!


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An Ode To Summertime...

September 25, 2017

An Ode To Summertime...

So we are well into September and its about that time where the leaves are starting to turn yellow and Fall is fast approaching. Though the weather is not very indicative of Fall yet (its still like 80 degrees here in Washington DC!), we are definitely getting in the Autumn frame-of-mind as it is getting darker out earlier and Starbucks is rolling out their new seasonal drinks (not the biggest PSL though...).

With the change in season, we've been doing some time reflecting on the past Summer and thinking about how certain habits are specifically seasonal and can only be done in our favorite season. Though we have made some big changes, like our first collection launch in May and our A/W collection coming out very soon (more to come in the coming weeks!), there are some things that remain constant.

Here are Tarbish's top five things to do in the Summertime...

1. Vineyards (aka acceptable places to drink in nature)

The Virginia/Maryland area is quickly coming up as the "Napa Valley of the East Coast” and the proof is in the numerous, beautiful vineyards in this region. One of our favorite things to do on a weekend afternoon is pack up a picnic basket, head to a vineyard with some friends, and share a bottle of wine from one of the area’s many vineyards. We love that it combines hanging out with friends, being outdoors, and just eating some great food and sipping on some wonderful wine. Vineyards are also great to go to in the Autumn as the trees change colors and you can dress in your favorite cozy sweater! (Insider Tip: Our two fave vineyards in the area are Stone Tower Winery and Black Ankle Vineyards)

2. Brunchin’ & Munchin' with Friends and Family

We are suckers for breakfast food, but sometimes aren’t exactly up early enough to catch the worm (or something like that..). Cue, brunch! When its acceptable to eat breakfast food at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, that is very okay with us! DC is filled with so many amazing brunch places that its hard for us to really pick which is our #1, but ones with unlimited drinks/food specials (2 words - boozy. brunch.) are our go-to (such as Cava Mezze, La Tasca, and Red Rocks). 

3. Our Summer Driving Vibe

Is there anything better than just driving around on an open road with the windows rolled down, blasting your favorite music? Okay we know that whole sentence just sounded like the biggest cliche, its more like sitting in traffic with the AC on and getting honked at and fighting your way to get home, but still, you kind of get what we are saying, right? There is something about the warm Summer air and driving somewhere that makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs and feel completely carefree. Our choice of Summer album for 2017? Haim’s album “Something to Tell You”.

4. Take Advantage of the Weather - Try Working Elsewhere!

Another simple joy for us is Summer work hours and also having the flexibility to work out-of-office. When the weather is warmer, we feel so much more inclined to get out and about as much as possible (especially because Winter seems to drag on forever!). We love being able to hit up our local coffee shop, or even Starbucks, and work. We have definitely found that this actually can make us more productive with a change of scenery and, if you’re able to, its great to get re-invigorated in a new space. Everyone can definitely get in that Summer slump and working somewhere new can totally help. Also, bonus points if you order some kind of summery iced drink to keep you company as well! 

5. Fruit Picking

Our final favorite Summertime activity takes us back to when we were younger and where we usually went on school field trips - fruit picking! Of course its way easier to go to Whole Foods and just grab a box of berries, but why not for once pick them yourself?! Summer is a great time to hit up your local farm, or farmers market if you don’t have a picking farm near you, and grab whatever is in season (usually peaches and berries). This also gets us super hyped for Autumn and all the pumpkin and apple picking that is to come! There is something super satisfying about picking your own food and we’d love to do it as often as possible, but we’ll keep it to a once-a-season kind of thing (because lets be real, its a lot of work).

Summer 2017 we’ll miss you oh so much! You’ve been way too good to us, but now its onto cooler months and our journey to find the perfect Halloween costume! 

What were some of your highlights of Summer 2017 and what should we try out for next Summer?! Leave us a comment below and let us know!


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Tarbish Takes On: New York City Eats

September 18, 2017

Tarbish Takes On: New York City Eats

New York, New York! One of my favorite cities in the world (and yes I know everyone says that but it really is!)!

New York City is somewhere I never thought I would end up, but somehow did multiple times. I spent a gap year in NYC during my undergraduate education where I interned and worked all around different parts of the city. Later on, I moved back for a couple years to pursue a second degree so overall I’ve spent a good amount of time in this city.

One of the things I love the most about New York is that you can find everything and anything at all hours of the day, including food! I am a total foodie and NYC is high up there on my list of cities in the world that I love for food. You can find every type of food for any budget, which was great as a struggling student, but also great when I wanted to indulge for a special occasion.

Below are an assortment of some of my favorite eating spots in NYC, including some well-known and maybe not-so-well-known places: 

  1. Two Hands Cafe (164 Mott Street) - For when I want a healthy, quick meal that has a ton of flavor. The food here is always so fresh and really tasty. The staff is super friendly, adding to the bright happy atmosphere. If you eat in (you can also pick up!), they don’t take reservations so the wait tends to be long, so try going on off hours but, if not, its usually quicker than they estimate. My picks are the Acai Bowl and Sunday Morning juice. Bonus: While you wait, check out Cha Cha Matcha around the corner from here for its super instagram worthy interiors and matcha items 

  2. Balthazar (80 Spring Street) - This place is huge but somehow always crowded no matter the time of day. I have been here numerous times and am never disappointed with the food, drinks, service, and atmosphere. Its quite nice, but never stuffy, great for a more upscale dining experience, but still casual. You usually need a reservation, but if you walk in, you can try the bar area (which is just as nice but a little tighter). My picks are the eggs benedict for breakfast/brunch and the escargots (I promise, SO GOOD) and pan-roasted salmon for dinner. The menu changes seasonally, but these all are usually staples on the menu.

  3. Olio e Piu (3 Greenwich Ave) - Now this place isn’t exactly my favorite for food, though their pizza is pretty decent, but I absolutely love the atmosphere and vibe. I went here one time for dinner which was okay and another time for drinks, which was much better. Its a great place to just grab a drink, relax with some friends, and people watch. I love the decor and florals in this place and its super easy to find, right on Greenwich Ave. Lots of indoor and outdoor seating so every time I have gone I’ve never had to make a reservation.

  4. Best Bagel and Coffee (225 W 35th Street) - If you want the best bagel in NYC, GO HERE! I have tried so many bagels in my life (I. love. carbs.) but these ones really do live up to their name as the “best”. They’re soft and chewy, taste great, and huge! They have recently expanded this place so there is more seating and just overall more space, which is so nice as the line used to wind out the door. Best is, I can go in the middle of the afternoon at 3PM and still get a egg bagel sandwich. I used to go here at least once a week and every time I visit NYC I still make it a point to visit. My pick is sausage, egg, and cheese on a sesame bagel toasted and sometimes scooped*. *I love my carbs but sometimes feel it gets too heavy so scooped is a great way to have the bagel but less of the doughy bread.

  5. Rosellas Pizza (164 William Street) - Back when I lived in Battery Park, Rosella’s was my go-to pizza place to order from. To me, their pizza feels like a real New York slice. Between the thin perfectly cooked crust, slightly sweet and carefully spiced sauce, and delicious mozzarella cheese, Rosella’s is a pizza winner to me! My pick is a classic cheese pizza with extra sauce, mm mm mm! 

  6. Joe Coffee (Multiple locations city-wide) - I would always hit up Joes after late nighters or when I just needed a quick caffeine fix. Their coffee is delicious and one of the few coffees that would truly wake me up in the AM! Any of their locations are great to do work from and chill or grab on the go. Love their quality coffee and definitely beats the huge chains.

  7. Shake Shack (Multiple locations city-wide) - Last but definitely not least, is one of my fave fast food restaurants in the world. Where do I even begin with Shake Shack… Its high quality fast food that doesn’t break the bank and is oh so delicious. There are so many debates between In-And-Out and Shake Shack but personally I have got to give my pick to the latter. Everything I have had here is pretty great, the Chicken Shack, Shack Burger, Cheese Fries, Milk Shakes… I love it all! There can definitely be a wait at times for the food but its definitely worth it! My pick for location is to check out the one in Battery Park, get your food to go and, if its nice out, eat right outside Brookfield Place with a view of the Marina and Hudson River. Perfect.

I am drooling so hard over here thinking about all these foodie spots...

Have you tried out any of the places on the list? What are some of your fave NYC eateries?


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Summer Styling Series: Pairing Tarbish With Denim

September 07, 2017

Summer Styling Series: Pairing Tarbish With Denim

As the leaves start to change from green to orange and it becomes acceptable for us to order a PSL at Starbucks, we know Fall is right around the corner. We love the crisp Autumn air and drinking hot tea without our bodies melting, but don’t get us wrong, we’re still holding onto as much Summer as possible! 

Our styling series today is combining our love for these two seasons, Summer and Autumn into wearable outfits for that transitional period using our fave Tarbish pieces and our other fave, denim!

Denim, oh, denim… How many ways can we list of why we love you? Its perfect in any weather, can match anything and everything, comes in so many different designs and various washes, the list goes on and on...

We especially love pairing different types of denim with any of our Tarbish pieces as they both compliment one another so well and can be accessorized to dress up and down for any occasion! 

Here are some of our favorite Tarbish pieces paired with different types of denim to create the perfect look, evening or night!

1. Ari Holi Crop + Flared Denim Jeans 
For a 70s vibe, perfect for a sunny day out or casual night, we love pairing any of our tops, especially our Ari Holi Crop, with a pair of flared denim jeans. We 70s-it-up even more by finishing off the look with some platform clogs and round sunnies. 


Summer Styling Series: Tarbish + Denim #1


2. Rida Ocean Garden Shorts + Denim Jacket

Our sequined Rida Ocean Garden Shorts is made from our signature Ocean Garden sequined fabric but designed in shorts to easily transition from day to night. Pair these shorts with a simple white top and throw on a denim jacket to tie the whole look together.


Summer Styling Series: Tarbish + Denim #2


3. Ari Electric Sunshine Crop + White Denim Jeans
White denim is often worn and viewed as super casual, but pair with some heels and our sequined Ari Electric Sunshine Crop, this look can take you from a dinner out to dancing the night away. 


Summer Styling Series: Tarbish + Denim #3


4. Cai Wonderland Crop + Denim Skirt

We love this daytime look that is perfect for a morning out or day of running errands (getting sh*t done while looking chic!)! Our bestseller Cai Wonderland Crop, goes perfectly with a denim skirt and finished off with some sneakers for a sporty but feminine look. 

 Summer Styling Series: Tarbish + Denim #4



There are so many different colors and designs that denim can come in and be experimented with to find your perfect match. Even more perfect is piecing together any kind of denim (jacket, jean, skirt, etc.) you already have in your closet with any of our Tarbish pieces! Our Tarbish fabrics and silhouettes are best teamed with denim so not only can they take you from day to night, but also transition from Summer to Autumn.

Easy to throw on and super comfortable, our Tarbish pieces can take you anywhere, in any season, especially when worn with denim. We hope you try out one of our pairings, or your own, and, of course, tag us using #tarbishsquad!


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Summer Styling Series: Culottes

July 12, 2017

Summer Styling Series: Culottes

Culottes get a rep for sometimes being one of the trickiest pieces to wear out of all in the pant categories, but personally we LOVE them! A few reasons for our love of culottes...
  • There's a myth that culottes often make the body look shapeless, but you just need to find the right ones for you. For example, on a shorter frame, a culotte with a cinched waist that flows downwards and out will elongate the body.
  • They're almost TOO comfortable and feel like you are wearing pajama pants, yet they look so flattering on most body types!
  • They work with so many different tops, outerwear, and layered in order to create and work with so many different styles and fashion personalities. So really, anyone can rock the culotte!
So clearly, we love the culotte (I mean we did also create the Kamilia Culotte as a part of our line...) and thus for our first Summer Styling Series, we've decided to style up the culotte!

Here are our 5 favorite ways of styling the culotte:
1. With a matching top and heels for an elegant take on a cocktail look
Summer Styling Series: Culottes #1
2. With a logo/slogan tee and clean white sneakers for a rock n' roll, street type vibe


    Summer Styling Series: Culottes #2

    3. With a button down shirt tied at the bottom and sandals for a brunch or picnic vibe


    Summer Styling Series: Culottes #3

    4. With a body suit for a sleek going out look


      Summer Styling Series: Culottes #4

      5. With a crisp blazer and tank tucked in for an easy work to happy hour look


        Summer Styling Series: Culottes #5

        Our Kamilia Culotte can definitely work for any of these looks as they're fully embroidered and sequined so can easily be worn casually for a day look or also dressy enough for an evening or fun work look. The Kamilia Culotte has an elasticated waistband in the back for maximum comfort, but is flat in the front so that its flattering on the body. The hem is curved so it elongates the legs and body while the pants are loose and flowing, so they are still shaping.

        Both the Wonderland and Electric Sunshine designs of the Kamilia Culotte work for so many different style personalities and moods, depending on the look you are going for.

        What's your favorite way to wear culottes?!

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        The Tarbish Take

        July 07, 2017

        The Tarbish Take

        Hey Tarbish Squad!

        Welcome to The Tarbish Take, our little place where we can connect with you and provide our take on sharing with you all things lifestyle, inspiration, styling and fashion, beauty, and so much more.

        We'll also give you a look at everything Tarbish and what its like over here running an upcoming luxury brand!

        Make sure you are signed up to our email (below!) to be the first to get notified about everything going on here and at Tarbish HQ.

        We can't wait for you to join the Tarbish squad and look forward to seeing you on here!

        x Tarini & The Tarbish Team

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