Summer Styling Series: Culottes

Summer Styling Series: Culottes

July 12, 2017

Culottes get a rep for sometimes being one of the trickiest pieces to wear out of all in the pant categories, but personally we LOVE them! A few reasons for our love of culottes...
  • There's a myth that culottes often make the body look shapeless, but you just need to find the right ones for you. For example, on a shorter frame, a culotte with a cinched waist that flows downwards and out will elongate the body.
  • They're almost TOO comfortable and feel like you are wearing pajama pants, yet they look so flattering on most body types!
  • They work with so many different tops, outerwear, and layered in order to create and work with so many different styles and fashion personalities. So really, anyone can rock the culotte!
So clearly, we love the culotte (I mean we did also create the Kamilia Culotte as a part of our line...) and thus for our first Summer Styling Series, we've decided to style up the culotte!

Here are our 5 favorite ways of styling the culotte:
1. With a matching top and heels for an elegant take on a cocktail look
Summer Styling Series: Culottes #1
2. With a logo/slogan tee and clean white sneakers for a rock n' roll, street type vibe


    Summer Styling Series: Culottes #2

    3. With a button down shirt tied at the bottom and sandals for a brunch or picnic vibe


    Summer Styling Series: Culottes #3

    4. With a body suit for a sleek going out look


      Summer Styling Series: Culottes #4

      5. With a crisp blazer and tank tucked in for an easy work to happy hour look


        Summer Styling Series: Culottes #5

        Our Kamilia Culotte can definitely work for any of these looks as they're fully embroidered and sequined so can easily be worn casually for a day look or also dressy enough for an evening or fun work look. The Kamilia Culotte has an elasticated waistband in the back for maximum comfort, but is flat in the front so that its flattering on the body. The hem is curved so it elongates the legs and body while the pants are loose and flowing, so they are still shaping.

        Both the Wonderland and Electric Sunshine designs of the Kamilia Culotte work for so many different style personalities and moods, depending on the look you are going for.

        What's your favorite way to wear culottes?!

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