Summer Styling Series: Pairing Tarbish With Denim

Summer Styling Series: Pairing Tarbish With Denim

September 07, 2017

As the leaves start to change from green to orange and it becomes acceptable for us to order a PSL at Starbucks, we know Fall is right around the corner. We love the crisp Autumn air and drinking hot tea without our bodies melting, but don’t get us wrong, we’re still holding onto as much Summer as possible! 

Our styling series today is combining our love for these two seasons, Summer and Autumn into wearable outfits for that transitional period using our fave Tarbish pieces and our other fave, denim!

Denim, oh, denim… How many ways can we list of why we love you? Its perfect in any weather, can match anything and everything, comes in so many different designs and various washes, the list goes on and on...

We especially love pairing different types of denim with any of our Tarbish pieces as they both compliment one another so well and can be accessorized to dress up and down for any occasion! 

Here are some of our favorite Tarbish pieces paired with different types of denim to create the perfect look, evening or night!

1. Ari Holi Crop + Flared Denim Jeans 
For a 70s vibe, perfect for a sunny day out or casual night, we love pairing any of our tops, especially our Ari Holi Crop, with a pair of flared denim jeans. We 70s-it-up even more by finishing off the look with some platform clogs and round sunnies. 


Summer Styling Series: Tarbish + Denim #1


2. Rida Ocean Garden Shorts + Denim Jacket

Our sequined Rida Ocean Garden Shorts is made from our signature Ocean Garden sequined fabric but designed in shorts to easily transition from day to night. Pair these shorts with a simple white top and throw on a denim jacket to tie the whole look together.


Summer Styling Series: Tarbish + Denim #2


3. Ari Electric Sunshine Crop + White Denim Jeans
White denim is often worn and viewed as super casual, but pair with some heels and our sequined Ari Electric Sunshine Crop, this look can take you from a dinner out to dancing the night away. 


Summer Styling Series: Tarbish + Denim #3


4. Cai Wonderland Crop + Denim Skirt

We love this daytime look that is perfect for a morning out or day of running errands (getting sh*t done while looking chic!)! Our bestseller Cai Wonderland Crop, goes perfectly with a denim skirt and finished off with some sneakers for a sporty but feminine look. 

 Summer Styling Series: Tarbish + Denim #4



There are so many different colors and designs that denim can come in and be experimented with to find your perfect match. Even more perfect is piecing together any kind of denim (jacket, jean, skirt, etc.) you already have in your closet with any of our Tarbish pieces! Our Tarbish fabrics and silhouettes are best teamed with denim so not only can they take you from day to night, but also transition from Summer to Autumn.

Easy to throw on and super comfortable, our Tarbish pieces can take you anywhere, in any season, especially when worn with denim. We hope you try out one of our pairings, or your own, and, of course, tag us using #tarbishsquad!


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